Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What else can you read?

    A: You can read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • Q: How much is the request?

    A: PRO sets the cost of the request. PRO can change the cost at any time, but if you have already sent the request, the cost of the request will remain the same as at the time it was sent, even if PRO has changed the price.

  • Q: Can I change my request if I've already submitted it?

    A: No, the submitted request cannot be changed. The text sent inside the request cannot be edited, but you have the opportunity to cancel the request if PRO has not yet accepted it. To do this, go to the PRO page, then open the request details and click the Cancel button.

  • Q: How long does it take to wait?

    A: It depends on the availability of PRO, waiting may take from a minute to several days, or even weeks. Therefore, if you have an important question (request) and you understand that you will not receive an answer in the period of time that you expected, Cancel the request by yourself.

  • Q: How do I know that PRO has accepted my request?

    A: The moment PRO accepts your request, we will send you a notification about this event. You will also have a new chat with PRO. Inside the chat you will communicate and discuss your request. Make sure that PRO has fully answered your request, since PRO has the ability to end the chat (request). To avoid confusion, discuss and receive from PRO a complete answer to your request.

  • Q: Why should I add my credit / debit card?

    A: You need to add your credit / debit card in order to be able to send a request to PRO. Important! The card must be valid and must have a sufficient amount of money (the cost of each request you send) so that PRO can accept your request. Online payments must also be enabled. Additionally, depending on the type of card and bank, currency conversion must be enabled. If any of these conditions was not met by you, the Request will be declined automatically!

  • Q: Can I share the information I received as part of the request of PRO?

    A: You must agree this with PRO as part of your request. If PRO confirms, then you can share, but if PRO does not give theirs consent, and this will be stated in the discussion of the request, you may be subject to penalties. The Motipio team advises to discuss this matter directly with PRO at the time of discussing the request, to avoid further misunderstandings.

  • Q: When will I be charged for the request I have sent to PRO?

    A: The full cost indicated by PRO for the request, and which was at the time you sent the request, will be charged to you when PRO - Accepts your request. Make sure that this is exsactly that PRO you want to send a request to, and that this particular PRO can provide you with a complete answer to your question (request).

  • Q: Can I leave feedback and evaluation after the request is fulfilled?

    Q: Of course, you can leave a comment and evaluation after PRO has - Completed the request (discussion). This review forms a rating of PRO. Also, PRO has the possibility to leave an evaluation for you, which you will see in the message center.

  • Q: How many characters can I enter in one query?

    A: The number of characters should not exceed -- 280 characters.

  • Q: If I am not satisfied with the result obtained after the completion of the discussion (request)?

    Q: After PRO -- Completed (closed) the request (discussion), you have the opportunity to send another request to the same PRO to get answers that were not received in the previous request. For a new request, payment will be charged in the amount that will be set by PRO at the time you send a new request. Also, if you did not leave feedback on a request that was completed, you have the opportunity to write a review with a rating in which you can describe what exactly did not suit you in the discussion with PRO.
    If none of the options suits you, you can address oursupport, and our team will contact you.

  • Q: Still have questions?

    A: Read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.