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Photo of a happy user of Motipio
Photo of a happy user of Motipio Photo of a happy user of Motipio
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Paid or Free Video Meetings

With Motipio you can create two types of video meetings, with free access for the participants or by paid, which means everyone has to pay for access to the meet. Pay access means, that you as a PRO user can set your own price for joining to meet.
(Sample: Join 50 USD)

Also, we follow the best security and privacy guidelines as conferencing data is encrypted and protection tools are constantly updated.

PRO settings

Each video meeting has some preferences, like name, amount of participants, the rules to join, etc.

You can create limitations for joining, like a 1-on-1 with someone or a huge event with 100 participants.

Also, you can set your own source preferences for the video and audio.

Pro settings screen
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Connect from any devices

The invited participants can join online video meetings from their computers using any modern browser - without the need to install additional software.
And on mobile devices, you can use the Motipio app.

Kick outs, bans and stealth mode

It means, you as a PRO user can kick out a participant if you don't want to have that user in your meeting.

Also, in terms of controlling access for those who join your meeting, you can hide or show an event on your PRO profile and you can launch video meetings in the incognito mode.

Pro settings screen
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Content ideas

Share your streaming and live broadcasting time with fans & viewers. Connect your video meetings with anyone who has paid access or joins for free. Everyone can get a chance to talk in real-time with you and other participants.

Just share the event link for that.


Screen sharing

Show your device screen or the desired application window so that other participants can see presentations, spreadsheets, etc.


Video meeting

Anyone can join your video meeting who buys paid access or joins for free.


Join by Motipio app

Download Motipio app to connect to a video meeting.


Control your meeting

Security features for meetings are enabled by default. Only the PRO (video meeting creator and owner) can kick out and ban participants from the video meet.

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Paid 1 on 1 chat

Private chats by requests and payments.

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Earn in USD

Make your all incomes on a Motipio in USD.

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Inventors and creators

Every day we work with the product, to be a better solution to our community members.


Support and accessibility

Worldwide support, Motipio team every day working on a product to create a better solution for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Motipio?

    Motipio is a great solution for video meetings, request-paid chats, and donations for the professionals. Anyone can join the video meetings to take part in Q&A sessions, consultations, or just have small talks using the Motipio mobile app or web app. Also, everyone can get 1-on-1 personal chats for a fee or by sending a donation to the PROs.

  • Who uses Motipio?

    Professionals, YouTubers, Streamers, Podcasters, Game Streamers, Inventors, Creators, etc.

  • How do I get paid?

    All of the payments are transferred to your Payoneer account. Motipio is a verified partner of Payoneer. Global supporting.

  • What does it cost?

    Motipio app is free to download. Motipio doesn't charge any monthly fee, and all features are available to all users. Motipio charges a 5% transaction fee and a 5% Motipio service fee. Creators collect 90% of every transaction.

  • How do I contact you?

    You can reach someone from our team through the live chat on our site. Also, you can send a e-mail

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